New PC Tools to replace ACR & A.E. with same or better results (Without Resolve)

Started by reddeercity, January 04, 2016, 05:35:11 AM

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Hello all , Do you want to get the results of ACR but without having to use Adobe A.E. etc....
there's  new tools for PC to extract & or process Raw Video in .mlv or .raw format.
Will there are not really new but there have been around for a little while , but the development
has be making major progress of late so I think it's time to include them in the raw video workflow.

I made a short Video about MLVProducer & MLVFS for Windows , It's just a general over view and as I read
The MLVProducer Thread I notice there is new features being added so I'll have to update the video
Plus I show how to install MLVFS for windows including register the MLV formatter .dll


MLVProducer. p.s. sorry for my bad english.


Yes I see that , I'll wait until the new release .
Then I'll post a new updated Video , thanks for the new features

andy kh

5D Mark III - 70D


@andy kh , Thanks I wanted to keep think as basic as possible.
I see there has been a big influx of New users on the ML forum and
there's a lot of questions about raw video workflow.
There will be more to come , I will update this thread for PC's
From time to time as new developments arise or needed clarification.