Reaching maximum resolution on 600D RAW Crop Mode

Started by JADURCA, February 13, 2015, 08:03:05 PM

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RAW Crop Mode (to get rid of the aliasing and moire problems)
Aspect ratio 2.35:1
1600x680 @ 12 fps
Twixtor at 50% to recreate the other 12 frames to complete de 24 fps.
Up-coverted to 1080p using Sony Vegas Pro 13.


     Hello JADURCA thanks for replying to my post. These are really good ideas for settings for 600D raw. I really like the resolution, aspect ratio, and particularly the 12 fps slow down to 24 fps idea. I have a VAF filter coming in for anti aliasing with the 600D. I was under the consumption that since these are raw images, they are not compressed into H.264 and therefore wouldn't have moire. But I think you are right, because I now remember there was an aliasing problem with raw images in a photography certification class I had. Do you mind running through the settings you used for this video, how long you were able to record, and also with or without sound? I have been trying to get my settings down, and am super excited about the 12 fps idea and 50% in Twixtor. Also, if you want, you can upscale your video to 4K using Red Giant Instant 4K (there are serial codes for these products on Youtube), but I am not quite sure if this is available for Sony Vegas. Do you mind explaining Raw Crop Mode? I was a little confused on these, and where the setting is. I apologize if these are too many questions, I am just super psyched to communicate with someone trying Raw for the 600D.

     If you are curious about the moire and anti aliasing VAF TXI Filter, here is the website.

     I am aware the website says $295, which is a lot of money. But I have spoken to the Mosaic Engineering personnel a couple times, and they explained to me they have used filters. These have some marks, but do not affect what the product does whatsoever. The marks aren't seen in the video. I still need to figure out if these filters are supposed to be used in Raw video, since they aren't supposed to pictures. They are mainly for better H.264 compression results.

     I hope I have been able to provide some good input for you as you have for me. Thanks so much JADURCA! I hope to hear from you about the settings, just trying to get the best ones!